3 principles (3M) of JEIWON

  • Mining Center

    We operate the largest mining center in Korea.

  • Mining Machine Developer

    We incessantly research to develop the best
    mining machine.

  • Mining Discoverer

    We discover promising cryptocurrencies.


What is a cryptocurrency? It means a digital currency that is encrypted for safe transaction in a network.

A cryptocurrency is a kind of digital asset that creates and maintains units of currency in a decentralized environment,
of which the transaction information is recorded in decentralized ledgers using an encryption technology for safe transactions.
As the solution of a mathematically complex calculation should be obtained to acquire a cryptocurrency, it is realistically impossible to counterfeit
the transaction information of a cryptocurrency and, as the transaction does not involve an identity authentication process through a trusted third-party
organization such as a bank and the transaction party’s personal information is not used, anonymity can be guaranteed.
Participants store and manage transaction information in a decentralized network (example: P2P) without a central control agency.
At this time, a decentralized ledger technology such as a blockchain is generally used for decentralized storage and management.

Decentralized storage network

A distributed storage networkrefers to a distributed network made up of many nodes in which the data splitted into encrypted pieces can be stored.

A decentralized storage system allows the user to store data without relying on a centralized data storage device such as a cloud.

A decentralized storage network refers to a decentralized network made up of many nodes in which the data splitted into encrypted pieces can be stored.
Ultimately, a decentralized storage network can achieve the maximum efficiency with the minimum power in storing a huge amount of data.

After all, a decentralized storage network is more advantageous to the user than a centralized storage.


Gopher coin has been already acknowledged to the extent that it is evaluated to be comparable to the technical capability of the Swarm Foundation’s BZZ coin in the local (USA) market and Gopher coin is highly expected to become a new strong player based on ‘Storage Network’.

Outline of [GOP]

★ GOP = Total quantity to be mined: 30,000,000 GOPsTo be mined for 52 years. There is no half life.

1. Quantity to be mined : The whole world will mine 1 GOP per minute, 1,440 GOP per day, and 43,200 GOP per month.
2. Initial reward : 300,000 GOPs rewarded for the testnet (reword to the developers participating in the testnet)
3. Public offering : A validator pool will be operated. (The quantity mined and the price will be opened.)

Coins will be transmitted to personal wallets and a little fee will be charged when coins are transmitted between individuals.

4. Function : Chatting (messenger, photograph, file storage)

Metamask game (to be produced in house and supplied) Proliferation of users Advertisement revenue.

※ Validator of GOP: Incubator, Website concept A mining pool will be operated as soon as the validator opens;
The security deposit is 1GOP per 1TB; The price is expected to rise, when it is planned to be listed in a large global exchange after it is converted to a main net.

GOPHER [GOP] – J1WORLD Multi-mining System

Participation, commodity setup

Gopher (GOP) joint mining machine server1 Node (400GB) ~ 10 Nodes (4,000GB)
(SAS HDD) + Server, Case, etc.

GOP server unit price

1Node $300 ~ 10Node $3,000

Mining machine node purchase

Entrustment, ContractEntrustment period: 60 months from the mining date

Node setting
takes 3 weeks from the week following the week when the contract is made.

Distribution of joint mining profit(24 hour mining profit)

You (Miner)70% of mining profit

Operation and management expenses of the company30% of mining profit

Security deposit for mining

  • · Standard for security deposit = 1 GOP per 1TB: To be covered by the company
  • · The company will have a separate company mining machine for establishment of security coins.

Introduction of mining center

JEIWONWORLD has made an ‘exclusive’ contract for the largest mining center in Korea in which up to maximum 1,000,000 nodes can be installed and maintained and is producing and operating mining machines.


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